Codes of Conduct

Expectations Outside the Classroom

Kaitiakitanga – Respect TKC as a place of learning.

~ Foster the school spirit and have pride in TKC.

~ Keep our school clean.

~ No vandalism, tagging or graffiti.

~ Move quietly and sensibly between classes.

~ Use language that is acceptable to all.

~ Stay within the school boundaries.

~ No PDAs.

Manaakitanga – Treat others like you would want to be treated.

~ Don’t be bullies – no hitting, pushing, fighting or verbal harassment – be kind!

~ No-one should be left out.

~ Be considerate – other people don’t want to hear your music.


Tuakana Teina – Senior aakonga be positive role models for junior aakonga.

~ Listen to those in authority.

Classroom Expectations

~ Electronic devices are used at the discretion of the teacher for curriculum-based learning.

~ Everyone will be considerate and respectful towards each other, using appropriate language and good manners.

~ People speaking will be listened to respectfully.

~ Students and teachers will be on time to class and then enter the class following classroom procedures.

~ When the teacher is ready they will dismiss students – the bell is a signal for the teacher.

~ Students will make sure they have the correct equipment for each lesson.

~ Eating and drinking is done at interval and lunchtime.