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Mentor Classes

Our school operates a Vertical Mentor Class structure between the junior and senior areas of the school. They are arranged around the three school Houses, with six form classes within each House group. There are three Whanau Mentor Classes – ‘Te Puawai’. Vertical Mentor Classes mean the teachers stay with students as they progress through each part of the school. There are many advantages to this system, particularly in relation to pastoral care. Furthermore it allows us to have better organised House competitions with all students in a class being in the same House.

The table below shows the staff and their Mentor Classes for 2018:

K1 Mr Matchett R1 Mrs Riddell T1 Mr Schwarz TP1 Whaea Terri
K2 Mrs Apisai R2 Ms Jackson T2 Miss Jessup TP2 Whaea Sera
K3 Mr Naidoo R3 Miss Cameron T3 Mrs Maree TP Assist Mr Kerr
K4  Mr Ord R4 Mr Frewin T4 Mrs Carter
K5 Mrs Keall R5 Mrs Luo T5 Mrs Jefferis
K6 Mrs Anderson R6 Mr Schwinn T6 Mrs Hendricks


If parents wish to make contact regarding their student, the form teacher is the first person to contact.


The Deans for each part of the school are as follows:

Junior (Year 7 to 10) Mr Bell, Mr Campbell, Mr Fiske, Mrs Porton
Senior (Year 11 to 13) Ms Russell (Year 11 & 12); Miss Smith (Year 13)
Kaitiaki Hauora Whaea Sera
Academic Manager Mr Riley


The Whānau Form Classes – ‘Te Puawai’ – operate in the same manner as a vertical form class except they have students from Year 7 to 13 in them and operate under tikanga Māori (Māori protocol) and encourage the use of Te Reo (Māori language).

The Whānau Form Classes represent the College at significant events for Māori and Tainui such as Coronation, Poukai and tangihanga.  They also perform official pōwhiri to visitors to the College.

Criteria for enrolment to Te Puawai mentor classes:

  • Promote academic achievement
  • Maintain a high level of attendance
  • Promote and use Te Reo Māri me ōna Tikanga katoa
  • Be involved in a recreational activity, cultural group or sport
  • Participate fully in Whānau Form Class activities and events
  • The Whānau of the student support the Whānau Form Class

The Whānau Form Class is open to all students who agree to its criteria. Entry is made by application and must have the support of the student’s whānau. Entry is not automatic and each application is assessed on its own merit.

If you would like your student to be a member of the Whānau Form Class, please complete the application form below.

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Whanau Form Class Application Form