School Accounts

The College is funded by the government to cover staffing, capital purchases, basic equipment, running costs and maintenance.  There is not sufficient funding to cover material charges and optional choices by students.

Accounts are sent out each term.  These statements show what is owing on your student(s) account.  Some of you will have paid money in advance and may have a credit balance.  This will be allocated to this year’s course costs.


School Donation

The donation in 2018 was $20.00 per student with a maximum of $60.00 per family.   Families are encouraged to contribute because the donation helps to pay for extra student facilities and equipment.


Course Costs

These are charged dependent upon which subjects your student chooses.  (NB: all students in our junior composite classes take all subjects offered.)  The charges made for subjects are solely to contribute towards the cost of the materials used by your student for items that can be taken home (gone are the days of bringing your own egg and flour to cooking classes)!  The charges in Years 9-13 are based on the subjects which your student has chosen.  These charges are compulsory if the student is taking the subject.


Activity Charges

These charges relate to any extra curricular activities your student chooses to do.  This includes all sporting activities/teams/events, drama activities, kapa haka, itinerant music lessons, optional school trips, etc.  The charges relate directly to the costs involved in the activities and, therefore, are compulsory if the student takes part in the activity.


School Magazine

In 2018 the cost of the school magazine was $20.00.  We will inform parents/caregivers about the cost of the magazine in 2019 as soon as it is known.


Funding for Transport for School Trips

In the past two years the Board of Trustees agreed to provide transport funding for  curriculum-related school trips and sports trips and, therefore, parents were not be required to pay for the transport component of any school trip. This arrangement was reviewed at the end of 2017 and it was decided to extend the funding for another year.  As a result parents were not be required to pay for the transport element of school trips in 2018.  Whether this arrangement will continue in future years will be dependent on funding that is avaiable.


Paying your Fees

Fees can either be paid at the school’s Student Centre by cash or EFTPOS (no credit cards), or they can be paid online (please use your child’s name as reference) – our bank account number is: 123023 0525444 00.

Alternatively you may wish to set up an automatic payment (AP) to pay a regular amount into your child’s school account over the year.  Many parents find APs are a great way to pay off school accounts, particularly if students are involved in a lot of courses, sports and other school activities.  If you wish to set up an AP you can download the form below (or pick up one from the school office) and take it to your bank, or you can set up an AP online.

We understand that, for a variety of reasons, people can go through very difficult financial times.  If you are unable to meet the compulsory charges in one go, automatic payments of instalments from as little as $5.00 per week will be accepted. Please phone the school office to see what can be arranged.  An Automatic Payment form is attached below.

Automatic Payment Form