School Transport

Many of our students travel to the College by bus.  Those who do are required to sign a Code of Conduct for the buses (see copy attached below).

For the smooth operation of the buses please note the following points:

  • The driver is in complete charge of students during the journey.
  • Eating or drinking on buses is not permitted.
  • Students are not permitted to disembark from a school bus in the Te Kauwhata township.
  • If students miss their bus they must not wander off or hitch-hike.  They must report to the teacher on bus duty straightaway and then come to the Student Centre or Office where they can ring their parent/caregiver to tell them where they are.

A staff member is appointed as the Bus Controller and any questions or problems should be directed to him/her.

The College provides buses for students who live within a zone (TEZ) specified by the Ministry of Education.  This link: will take you to a page where you can enter our school name and view our transport zones.

Our buses are operated by Taverners and they can be contacted on 09 235 1007.

In some cases, a student may be eligible for a Conveyance Allowance. Information is available on the Ministry of Education website: A school transport assistance application form is attached below.

Year 7 & 8 students who wish to travel on the College funded bus (Tiko Tiko bus – Bus 2)through Waikaretu School’s TEZ (Transport Entitlement Zone) are required to pay $50.00 per term for a bus pass. This payment can be made directly to Te Kauwhata College. Please contact the College if you are not sure if this applies to your student.

A fare paying service is available to students who travel from Huntly.  This is operated independently of the College by Taverners and they can be contacted on 09 235 1007. It is Ministry of Education Policy that students who live within 4.8km of their nearest school, or within their nearest school’s transport zone, (in this case Huntly College) are not eligible for funding and are not entitled to travel to a point within Te Kauwhata College’s TEZ to catch a free, funded bus.

Senior students who wish to travel to school in their own vehicles must request permission from the Assistant Principal, Miss Smith, even if they are not parked on College grounds.  This must be done each year and permission must be requested even if students will only be using their own vehicles intermittently.  Students will be given a vehicle pass to confirm they have permission to bring their own vehicles to school.

Speed Limits

We have been requested to remind parents and students about speed limits outside the school:

  • 20 km per hour when driving past school buses (on both sides of the road) 
  • 40 km per hour (when no buses are present) and illuminated sign is lit up
  • 50 km per hour at all other times.

All these speed limits apply regardless of which direction you are travelling.

The police are often outside the school enforcing these speed limits.

School Bus Transport Code of Conduct

School Transport Assistance Application Form