Expectations for Students for Online Learning at
Te Kauwhata College

1. Students are expected to follow their timetable when online learning.

2. Students are expected to follow teachers’ instructions about attending online lessons. The teacher will direct the students as to how they will check in with them throughout the week i.e google meets, email, zoom meeting, phone call.

3. Teachers will be available when your scheduled lesson is on. Teachers may meet with you in a online situation or they may be available for you to chat, email or the can organise for a one on one or group tutorial.

4. When working online in a Google Meets or Zoom situation, students need to be present in the lesson and show their face.

5. Students are expected to behave appropriately during the online lesson. Any breaches of behaviour will be reported to the Senior Leadership Team.

6. If extra support is required i.e learning support, hard packs, devices this needs to be communicated with the school via the teacher or by emailing

7. Teachers will contact whanau if students are not engaging with learning.

Expectations for Teachers for Online Learning at
Te Kauwhata College

1. Teachers are expected to follow their timetable when working in an online situation.

2. Teachers need to be available for students at their allocated teaching time.

3. A record of the students you are engaging with each day needs to be completed.

4. When you take the roll for each of your classes do not enter this information into KAMAR. There is space in the back of the TKC Planner to do paper rolls. Hayley will take care of KAMAR attendance during online learning.

5. Where applicable, teachers should identify student/s that they need to work one-on-one with and use a platform to work with them individually or in a group situation.

6. It is an expectation that FAL’s are checking in with LAL’s and teachers to see how things are tracking. The FAL’s will report to the SLT member who oversees their curriculum area.

7. If extra support is required for any student, this should be reported directly to SLT. Support may range from wellbeing needs, resources such as devices or hard packs, learning support, behavioral issues etc…

8. Teachers will respond to student/whanau emails in a prompt fashion. They will also contact whanau when students are not engaging in learning. Communication, both positive and negative with whanau during online learning is very important and is encouraged.

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