Whanau Support Group

Teenaa koutou e te huanga, nei ra ka mihi.

The Te Kauwhata College Whaanau Support Group was set up to serve and assist the Maaori Department and the students, families and community of Te Kauwhata College.  The Group monitors development and maintenance of cultural learning at Te Kauwhata College, across the curriculum and in extra-curricular contexts.  E.g. Te Reo me oona tikanga.

In 2004, after many meetings and discussions with the Te Kauwhata College Board of Trustees, the idea of a school based Marae was born.  This was a very exciting and humbling moment and the journey to assist and enhance the cultural learning at Te Kauwhata College began.

A school-based Marae Complex would provide a wide range of educational, social and cultural benefits for the students, college community and wider community.  It would be a special space where Maaori studies could be experienced in an appropriate learning context, where the natural rules of engagement would be respected in a Marae environment.

It would be a place where students of all cultures could gain:

  • A sense of belonging
  • Responsibility and ownership of their education
  • An increase achievement and success
  • Student support initiatives
  • Wellbeing in a holistic and safe environment

In conclusion, empowering diverse cultures towards the pathway to a successful future.

“Ko te Maatauranga te Huarahi ki te Anamata”

Education is the key to the future.